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Duane Monczewski has photographed in the desert Southwest for over 30 years. He uses a variety of films and he utilizes various surface treatments, such as selective bleaching and toning and including graphite, conte crayon and charcoal, in his print making. He strives to make images that transcend the literal translation of the landscape. He has worked extensively in photography labs and studios. He has also worked as a gallery preparator and has over 20 years experience teaching photography. His work has been exhibited at Harvard College and The Smithsonian Institute.

The artist writes of his work, “I don't consider myself a traditional landscape photographer, I have always felt nature to be an integral part of the visual environment - our source material. My photographic interests - illusion, light, the evocative - are all available for exploration in the landscape. Man-made and altered environments are an important component of the landscape as well. The same impulses that draw us to nature - seeking out a place for refuge, a meditative space, an opportunity for renewal - I hope will draw people to my work.”

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