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Ryuijie was born in Otaru, Japan, in 1950. His dual-cultural heritage--Japanese and American--together with extensive travel during his father’s military assignments, molded his love of artistic self-expression. It was in Monterey, California, that an exhibition of Jerry Uelsmann’s photographs inspired him and spurred him to do fine art black-and-white photography. He has pursued his photographic vision for over 30 years, and during that period he has acquired a reputation for his exquisite platinum-palladium prints.

An exceptionally prolific artist, Ryuijie’s career has been highlighted by a multitude of exhibitions. His work has appeared in View Camera, Black&White, Lenswork, and many other magazines. He has published three books, Ryuijie: Photographs, Time and Place, and Fragments of Time, along with smaller catalogs.

His first portfolio, Ryuijie: Ten Photographs, was published in 1990 and his second portfolio, Ryuijie: Portfolio Two Platinum/Palladium, was published in 2002. Ryuijie’s currently work involves color prints of frozen botanicals, and his third portfolio, P2, a selection of square photographs taken with a 2 1/4 Rollei camera. Works by Ryuijie can be found in private and public collections word wide including the Monterey Museum of Art, the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, and the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson Arizona.

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2015 Exhibition Poems in Platinum & Silver Ice Forms Platinum Botanicals Platinum Nudes Kanchi